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This company is family owned and operated. Our company was established by an experienced licensed hair weaving and braiding specialist Mrs. April. of Lady A's Studio.

Being a salon owner and having four daughters' hair to care for along with being a wife and mom failure is not an option! I have a desire and a passion to help people look and feel good!  Providing quality trusted products has to go with good service.  Working in the salon industry for many years and listening to the many needs of my clients also led to the development of our Fur'mae hair hairline. Customer service is very important to us so rest assured that the same great service we provide in our hair studio will display in our Hair company! So with first hand experience in hair we strive to only sell our customers the very best products on the market.  We are a growing company and still learning along the way so we appreciate your support and business. Our hairline is exclusively used and certified by Lady A's Braids & Weaves Studio LLC.

Thank You.

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100% Human Hair Extensions /Indian & Malaysian Virgin Hair

(With proper care these bundles can last up to 1+ years, our raw hair up to 2+ years). Clients can color, bleach, straighten or curl this hair. We recommend using a professional cosmetologist for this service. We sale Top Quality hair extensions 100% human hair , no tangles, minimum shedding, one directional cuticle.

High quality bundles, (Non- color Processed) hair, dye friendly.. up to 1+Year Guarantee (With Proper Care).

All Closures are Transparent Lace Closures (free part) 4.5x 4.5


High quality bundles, (Non-color Processed) hair, dye friendly.  Last up to 1+Year Guarantee (With Proper Care).

Each closure is a 4x4 HD Free Parted Lace.


High quality bundles, (Non-color Processed) hair, (Dye Friendly).  Last up to 1+Years Guaranteed (With Proper Care).

All Closures are 4" x 4" Parted Lace Closures.


Beautiful (Kinky Curly) bundles blends perfectly with clients that have natural curly textures.

High quality bundles, (Non-color Processed) hair, (Dye Friendly).  Last up to 1+Years Guaranteed (With Proper Care).  


A Little Hair Talk...The Break down!

Human Hair extensions are so popular, but most bundles sold on the market or in our local beauty supply stores can be mixed with artificial synthetic fibers, animal hair  or  just  bad quality human hair  pieces. Most brands are heavily Processed with silicone and hair thats already overly color treated. With most pre processed hair of that sort you will experience more tangles, more shedding which could also resort from  poorly sewn wefts etc. 

 Most brands from the local beauty supply stores could be great for quick weave styles that you do not plan on wearing long term,if your okay with that. These  brands can last  anywhere from a few weeks to 1month or so  in most cases.  All brands are not equal, and must be looked at carefully. Some extension brands are not honest about their hair . Some brands  include too many  thin short hairs, bad sewn wefts,  cuticle sewn in different directions,& silicone covered hair, which means  after the hair has been  washed  a few times the hair begins to tangle & frizz more so that's hair you want to avoid if possible. 

What's Remy Hair ?

Remy simply means it has qualities such as uni- lateral cuticle direction, basically the hair follicles all go into one direction. The strands are collected to stay aligned in the natural direction that hair normally grows... so it helps eliminate tangling problems which are found in Non- Remy human hair. That's why Remy hair is known to be more durable and long lasting, which is the key to Fur'Mae Glamorous  long lasting  extensions.  Virgin  Hair is the best and one of the highest quality hair on the market starting with Indian raw , Vietnam raw  etc. With proper care virgin hair can last 1+ years, with repeat uses! Raw hair can last 2-3+ years. Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed by dyes or perms however, it has been steamed which is a process to give its texture, so thats why you see non color Processed indicating it hasnt been colored  by us but it is steamed proceesed ,but this hair is sold in original colors from different donors and can be personally dyed by you to achieve your favorite shade! Our Fur'Mae  Raw Virgin Hair  is completely unaltered, med-low luster, is  Not steamed processed and cut from one single donor which is the highest quality of hair you can purchase so it is more expensive. Also keep in mind, due to the raw nature of our Raw Virgin hair, the hair color tones and wave patterns can vary from bundle to bundle.  100% Human  hair extensions  must be , cleaned , conditioned and cared for as your normal hair. Its an investment  so take care of it, wrap it a night, ask your professional stylist what they recommend for night care or washing tips! Wether you choose  to purchase our Virgin  hair or our Raw  100% human Fur'mae Glamorous Hair Extensions, we know you will be satisfied with your new look!

A Company Of Integrity

You deserve hair extensions of the best quality, that's  Fur'mae!

(Our hair is certified and used exclusively by LADY A's  Braids & Weaves Hair Studio est. 2009. Fur'Mae Glamorous  provides top grade  Raw & Virgin 100% human hair. )

Indian & Maylasian Beautiful, Soft,  Luxurious, Fur'Mae Glamorous! 

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